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Certifications and Accreditations
ISO 9000

The buzzword of today, is not merely writing a few manuals. It is about developing and sustaining a comprehensive and cohesive Quality Management System. We have made ISO 9000 a part and parcel of our system to the extent that it has become second nature of our employees. We believe that ISO 9000 is not just a piece of paper, it is a whole set of systems which serves as a stepping stone to the wide world of quality.

ISO 14000 | Environment Managment System
This system aims to ensure that our products have the least harmful impact on the environment during production and disposal or by pollution and by the depletion of natural resources. All group companies are currently working on implementation of these systems.

SA 8000
Social Accountability has been developed under the auspices of the Council on Economic Priorities Accreditation Agency(CEPAA) to promote socially responsible production. Certified by Bureau Veritas of France, our garment and home textile divisions are constantly working on internationally recognized labor and social practices where as the other production units are in the process of implementing these systems.

Oekotex 100 Confidence in Textiles
The Oekotex 100 standard was developed by a European group of textile institutes as a testing program to screen for the presence of certain hazardous elements and compounds within consumer textiles. The response to this was so positive that this group has now expanded to 14 institutes, including AITEX, representing the premier collection of textile ecological expertise within Europe. All our yarn products are certified for Oekotex 100 by AITEX.

Products made from Supima cotton will have superior strength to a product made with regular cotton, which will improve the durability and increase the life-span of the textile and apparel products. Because of the fineness of Supima cotton, more fibers can be spun into a yarn of a given count, which will enhance the feel and softness, drapeability and brilliance of color of a fabric.
Gulistan is a supima licensee and produces yarns and fabrics with high quality supima cotton.

Cotton USA
The COTTON USA Mark is known as a symbol of quality and value in apparel, home furnishings and other products.

Assurance of Superior Quality
Our specialty lies in being able to produce and qualify for a spectrum of products designed to meet the high standards of quality requirements of our customers. Our state-of-the-art and user-friendly machines deliver optimum performance and efficiency without the slightest compromise on quality.

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